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Teacher Resources

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Teacher Resources


Fisher Hill has several resources on their website that goes along with their English literacy program.  The resources include Word and Sentence Practice Pages, Word Chains for English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker Book 1; Scope and Sequences for each series in the program and placement tests for placing students in the program.

Fisher Hill’s English literacy program consists of four series:

English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker

English Reading Comprehension for the Spanish Speaker

English Writing Composition for the Spanish Speaker and

English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker

These four series provide six levels for the English Literacy Program.

Below are the levels.

Teacher Resources

Students need to score 80% or above on the placement test to go to the next level. Each level begins with the English Reading and Spelling workbook.

The literacy program uses Orton-Gillingham principles to teach reading and spelling.  Orton-Gillingham uses a very structured, explicit, systematic and multisensory approach to teach the forty-four speech sounds.

Fisher Hill’s English literacy program is good for all students but especially for students who have or have had difficulty learning to read and spell.  The program proves the practice students need to acquire automaticity in their reading and spelling.  Automaticity aides in reading comprehension and writing.

Visit our website at www.Fisher-Hill.com to learn more about our English literacy program for teens and adults.