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Reading Fluency Practice

Reading Fluency Practice

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Reading Fluency Practice


Reading Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately, quickly and with expression.  Fluent readers can think about what they are reading.  Fluent readers recognize words automatically. They do not need to concentrate on decoding words instead they can concentrate on what the text means.  Most fluent readers recognize words and comprehend at the same time. They can make connections with the ideas in the text and their own personal knowledge. Reading Fluency Practice is a key factor in reading fluency.

Fisher Hill’s English Literacy Program has six Comprehension workbooks that include stories in which students can practice their reading fluency and comprehension.  In Book 1 the stories are short and as the students progress through the workbooks, the stories get longer. Each workbook has twenty lessons so there are twenty stories in each book.  The workbooks are written for Spanish speakers learning English but the stories and activities are to learn English so all ESL learners can benefit from the stories and activities.

Reading Comprehension is the ability to extract meaning from written words.  Fluency and vocabulary play an important role in reading comprehension.

English Reading Comprehension. Reading Fluency Practice

Fisher Hill’s English Literacy Program has six levels.  Each level has four workbooks.

Reading and Spelling




Each level begins with the Reading and Spelling workbook.  In the Reading and Spelling workbooks, students practice decoding skills.  In the Comprehension and Writing workbooks, students practice fluency, comprehension and writing skills using the words learned in the Reading and Spelling workbooks.  In the Vocabulary workbooks, the vocabulary from the Reading and Spelling, Comprehension and Writing workbooks is reviewed.

Fisher Hill’s English Literacy Program consists of twenty-four workbooks for Spanish speakers but all the stories and activities are to learn English so all ESL students can benefit from this program.

Reading Fluency Practice

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