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Sample Lessons

Sample Lessons

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Sample Lessons


At a recent conference, a teacher asked about sample lessons for our English for the Spanish Speaker series. On our web page, under Teacher Resources, we have a sample lesson from each of the four workbooks in the series. When you pull down the menu under Teacher Resources and then click on Speaking & Listening, you will find the Sample Lessons for each book. Click on the words “Sample Pages Book 1” for example, to see the sample lesson from English for the Spanish Speaker Book 1. Do this for each book.

English for the Spanish Speaker is a four workbook series. Each book in the series has eight lessons. In Books 1 and 2, the lessons are about every day activities. In Books 3 and 4, four lessons are about every day activities and the other four are about United States history or government. The print in the workbooks is large. The reading level in Book 1 is at the first and second grade level. The books get progressively more difficult. The reading level for Book 4 is at the fourth grade reading level. Each lesson begins with a vocabulary list, then a conversation, story, activity pages, and finally an answer key. The lessons are bilingual with the word lists, conversations, and stories presented in Spanish and English. The directions for the activity pages are in Spanish but the activities are in English. There are two dictionaries at the back of each workbook: a Spanish dictionary and an English dictionary. There is a CD available for each workbook so the student can listen to the vocabulary lists, conversations and stories in English.

Adults like our workbooks because the pace is reasonable, print is large, and the directions are in Spanish. Teachers like our books because everything is ready to go!

Four book E series with Sample Lessons

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