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Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

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Teacher Resources


Fisher Hill’s literacy program for Spanish-speaking teens and adults, who want to learn how to read and write in English has six levels. Each level contains:

an English Reading and Spelling workbook

English Reading Comprehension workbook

English Writing Composition workbook

and an English Vocabulary workbook

For each level, students need to always start with the English Reading and Spelling workbook. Then students can use the Reading Comprehension and Writing Composition workbooks at that level to practice their comprehension and writing skills. With the vocabulary workbooks, students review the vocabulary from each particulary level.

Fisher Hill has teacher resources on their website to go along with their literacy program. There are Placements Tests to determine where a student should begin in the series. There are Word and Sentence Practice pages to help students develop fluency. There is a Scope and Sequence for the literacy program and soon there will be Word Chains to also help with fluency. There are also Sample Pages from the workbooks.

Below are pictures from our website to help you navigate through our site. To find our Teacher Resources, first click on Teacher Resources on the top tool bar on the Home page. That will take you to the Resources page. On that page, click on Reading and Spelling. Then you will arrive at the page where you can click on Placement Tests, Word and Sentence Practice pages, Word Chains, a Scope and Sequence for the program or Sample Pages from the workbooks.


Teacher Resource Page


R & S page

If you want to see Sample Pages from the Reading Comprehension workbooks, the English Writing Composition workbooks, or the English Vocabulary workbooks then click on the appropriate title on the Teacher Resource page.

If you ever have any questions about our resources or workbooks, you can go to our Contact page on our website and email us your questions.

Fisher Hill’s literacy program was developed for Spanish-speaking teens and adults but anyone who wants to learn how to read and write in English can use our literacy program.

Visit us on our website at www.Fisher-Hill.com.