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Our webpage now comes in Spanish and English! In the top right-hand corner on the home page, you can click on Español to navigate to the Spanish side.  On the Spanish side, books can only be downloaded. This way, there is no problem with shipping to other countries. The books that can be downloaded are our English for the Spanish Speaker series and the 24 workbooks from our English literacy program for Spanish-speaking teens and adults.

Our English for the Spanish Speaker series has four workbooks. These workbooks have been popular with adults for over 20 years! Each workbook in the series has eight lessons.  In Books 1 and 2, the lessons are about every day activities. In Books 3 and 4, four lessons are about every day activities and the other four are about United States history or government.  The print in the workbooks is large.  The reading level in Book 1 is at the first and second grade level.  The books get progressively more difficult.  The reading level for Book 4 is at the fourth grade reading level.  Each lesson begins with a vocabulary list, then a conversation, story, activity pages, and finally an answer key. The lessons are bilingual with the word lists, conversations, and stories presented in Spanish and English.  The directions for the activity pages are in Spanish but the activities are in English.  There are two dictionaries at the back of each workbook: a Spanish dictionary and an English dictionary. There is a downloadable audio for each workbook so the student can listen to the vocabulary lists, conversations and stories in English.

Our English literacy program for Spanish-speaking teens and adults has six levels and each level has four workbooks.  Each level has a:

Reading and Spelling workbook

Reading Comprehension workbook

Writing Composition workbook

Vocabulary workbook

Each level begins with the Reading and Spelling workbook.  After finishing the Reading and Spelling workbook, students can begin the Reading Comprehension workbook to working on their reading comprehension skills.  They can also begin the Writing Composition workbook to work on their writing skills. They can use the Vocabulary workbook to review the vocabulary for that level. When students finish the six levels they will have an excellent foundation in English literacy.

Older students like our workbooks because the pace is reasonable, print is large, directions are in Spanish and the content is for older students.  In our English literacy program, there’s lots of pictures. Teachers like our books because everything is ready to go!  There’s an answer key in each workbook and an English translation of the Spanish directions at the end of each book.

People from around the world who want to learn English will now be able to benefit from our workbooks because now the books can be downloaded.

Visit our website at www.Fisher-Hill.com to view sample pages from all of our workbooks.  If you have any questions, you can email us at [email protected]