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Reading Fluency

Reading Fluency

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English Reading ComprehensionReading Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately, quickly and with expression.  Fluent readers can think about what they are reading.  Fluent readers recognize words automatically. They do not need to concentrate on decoding words, instead they can concentrate on what the text means.  Most fluent readers recognize words and comprehend at the same time. They can make connections with the ideas in the text and their own personal knowledge.

How do you get to be a fluent reader?  By reading!  Read what you enjoy.  Read comic books, read catalogs, read newspapers, read the internet, read magazines and yes, read books.  Read leveled books that are not too difficult for you.  Go to the library and ask the librarian for your level of reading.  If you’re just beginning, ask the librarian where the decodable books are located.  Then ask where the different leveled books are located for teens and adults.  Fluency comes with practice and more practice. 

If you read with fluency but cannot understand what you’ve read, perhaps you have a problem with vocabulary. Or it could be a problem with visualization.  Are you making pictures in your mind as you read? 

Our three workbook seriesEnglish Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker, English Reading Comprehension for the Spanish Speaker and English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker helps Spanish-speaking teens and adults improve their English literacy skills by addressing these necessary skills: fluency, vocabulary, decoding, automaticity and visualization.  Our workbooks provide the necessary practice so students can develop these essential reading skills. 

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