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Reading and Spelling E-Book

Reading and Spelling E-Book

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Reading and Spelling E-Book


Fisher Hill’s new e-book, Reading and Spelling Book 1, has 20 lessons.  Each lesson introduces a new speech sound except for Lessons 1 and 2 which both work on the short /a/ sound.  In this blog I will talk about how I used this workbook in my class.

How to use this book:

When I was teaching reading and spelling, I spent two days on each new sound. Therefore, the book will take approximately 40 days or two months to complete the book.  The first two lessons in the book target the short /a/ sound so I would spend four days on that sound giving the students a chance to review consonant sounds. I would begin the lesson by flashing sound spelling cards with the consonants and a card with the vowel a. I would then dictate five words from the word list, five words from previous word lists (from the book) and two or three high frequency words. The students would write the words on their whiteboards and then read and spell the words back to me.  The dialogue I would use is this:

Teacher: “Write the word cat.” (Students write the word.) “What word did you write?”

Students say cat.

Teacher: “How do you spell it?”

Students spell the word c-a-t.

Teacher then writes cat on the large white board so all can see it.

I did this with each word.  Then I would dictate two sentences which the students would write and then read back to me.  The dialogue for this would be:

Teacher: “What sentence did you write?”

Students read their sentence.

Teacher then writes the sentence on the large whiteboard.

At the end of this activity, the students would then read the words and sentencesone more time from the large white board. Good sentences for this activity are found on the second or third pages of each lesson.  The teacher flashing sound spelling cards for the children to say and children writing and reading words and sentence every day provides practice for students to develop automaticity in a multisensory way.  The children see the words, say the words, and write the words. Besides flashing the sound spelling cards, I would flash high frequency word cards daily as we progressed through the lessons.  This constant practice every day helps students develop automaticity and fluency.

Reading and Spelling E-Book

If you have any questions about our new Reading and Spelling E-Book, please email us at therst.com.  Go online at www.Fisher-Hillto see all of our workbooks.