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Several years ago, I read a book called the 50 Secrets of the World’s Longest Living People by Sally Beare. It was all about diet. According to this book, most of the longest living people live in Asian countries where the diet and lifestyle are fish, vegetables and daily walks up to their hillside gardens. After reading that book, I changed my diet. I became a vegetarian who also ate fish, eggs and dairy products. After five years, I now eat chicken occationally.

 My husband enjoys reading and listenting to Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Weil talks about the importance of diet, exercise, sleep and managing stress.

 Both Dr. Weil and Ms. Beare’s book would not support the American diet. The American diet is full of fast foods, processed foods, and sugars in very large portions. Dr. Weil believes that many of the health issues in the United States stems from our eating habits and from nonorganic foods. He states othere countries do not have such a high rate of diabetes, obecity, heart disease and cancer. Eating large amounts of fast food, processed food, sugar and food that has been sprayed with pesticides or are full of hormoes are causing many of our health problems.

 I know as I get older, I can not eat the way I did when I was younger. Today, if I have sugar on an empty stomach, my body aches. I feel the best when I do not have much sugar and have drunk a lot of water. Getting even slightly dehydrated makes me tired. I agree with Dr. Weil and Ms. Beare, a person’s diet makes a big difference in the way you feel.

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