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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! 150 150 fisherhilladmin

I hope you’re all enjoying a happy holiday season.  In our family we celebrate Christmas.  This year my husband and I bought two trees not taller than five feet.  My husband said he did not want to carry and lift a heavy tree.  We put the two five foot trees on tables and now they look like tall trees.  One is in the living room and the other in the family room.  My husband not only put lights around the trees but also lights around the ceilings so our house looks very festive.  Oh, he is also into those colored lights that you can control with your iPhone.  So we have red, orange, blue, and green recessed lights in the living room and family room.  So lots of colored lights this year.

I am enjoying the holiday season.  It’s been a relaxing one.  I’ve been walking the dogs at night and enjoying the neighbors’ holiday lights. I’ve not bought so  many gifts this year which means less presents to wrap. I’m still sending out the photo Christmas card with the holiday family letter (it’s only one page with large print) and we’re still going on the Christmas brunch cruise. But no baking this year.  Instead, I am relaxing on the sofa with my feet up, enjoying the Christmas trees, colored lights, and a good book!

I wish you all a relaxing holiday season.  If you know someone who wants to learn English, our books make excellent holdiay gifts.  English for the Spanish Speaker series provides a whole language approach to learning English.  English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker series gives instruction on how to read and spell English.  English Reading Comprehension for the Spanish Speaker series provides practice with reading comprehension.  English Writing Composition for the Spanish Speaker series helps to enhance writing skills. English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker series helps increase English vocabulary.  United States of America Stories Maps and Activities series is for people who want to learn about the United States.

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