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Fisher Hill’s Teacher Resources

Fisher Hill’s Teacher Resources

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Fisher Hill’s Teacher Resources


Fisher Hill’s English literacy program for Spanish-speaking teens and adults has six levels.  Each level contains:

an English Reading and Spelling workbook

English Reading Comprehension workbook

English Writing Composition workbook

and an English Vocabulary workbook

For each level, students need to start with the English Reading and Spelling workbook. Then students can use the Reading Comprehension and Writing Composition workbooks at that level to work on reading comprehension and writing by using the decoding skills they learned in the English Reading and Spelling workbook.  With the vocabulary workbooks, students review the vocabulary from each particular level.

Fisher Hill has teacher resources on their website to go along with this literacy program.  There are placements tests to determine on which level a student should begin with in the series.  There are Word and Sentence Practice pages  and Word Chains to help students develop fluency.  There is a Scope and Sequence for the literacy program and  sample lessons or pages from each workbook.

Fisher Hill’s literacy program uses a very systematic, structured, explicit approach in teaching the forty-four English speech sounds.  Students learn these sounds and then blend these sounds to read words.  The Word and Sentence Pages and the Word Chains listed under Teacher Resources on our web site will help students develop fluency.  With fluency, comprehension skills will be easier to acquire. Don’t forget to check out Fisher Hill’s Teacher Resources.


We will be adding new Word and Sentence Pages and Word Chains throughout the year to be used with the English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker Book 1.

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If you have any questions about our resources or workbooks, you can go to our Contact page on our website and email us your questions.

Visit us on line at www.Fisher-Hill.com to explore all of our workbooks and teacher resources.