English Literacy for Spanish Speakers

English Literacy for Spanish Speakers


Fisher Hill has an excellent English literacy series for Spanish-speaking teens and adult.  The series has six levels.  Each level has four books.  The books are workbooks.  Each level has:

a Reading and Spelling workbook

a Reading Comprehension workbook

a Writing Composition workbook

and a Vocabulary workbook

The English Reading and Spelling workbooks help Spanish speakers learn to read and spell in English.  They use a systematic approach in teaching the English speech sounds and provides practice with phonemic awareness, which is the ability to identify individual sounds and their order within words.  Learning the different speech sounds will help students read and spell in English fluently.  Eighty-five percent (85%) of words in English are phonetic.  This book also presents many of the commonly used words, called sight words, that are not phonetic.

The Reading Comprehension workbooks help Spanish speakers improve their English reading comprehension skills.  Reading comprehension is the ability to draw meaning from written words.  Each Comprehension workbook is used after finishing the English Reading and Spelling workbook in that level. Both books use the same speech sounds and high frequency words.

The Writing Composition workbooks help Spanish speakers improve their English writing skills.  The series uses a structured and systematic approach to teach the different writing skills.

The Vocabulary workbooks reinforce the vocabulary presented in each level.  The Vocabulary workbook in level one reinforces the vocabulary presented in the other three workbooks at that level.

On our website, there are placement tests to determine which level a student should begin.  A student needs a score of 80% to go to the next level.  For example, if a student gets 60% on the placement test for level one, then the student needs to begin with level one with English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker Book 1. For each level, the first book to use is the English Reading and Spelling workbook.

These placement tests can be found under Teacher Resources on our website www.Fisher-Hill.com .  Teacher Resources can be found on the top tool bar.  Click on Teacher Resources, then click on Reading and Spelling.  Then scroll down to the placement tests. The placement tests are called Sound Spelling Placement Test Book 1 and so forth.  Sound Spelling Placement Test Book 1 is for level one.

English Literacy for Spanish Speakers

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