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Easy to Use Vocabulary Workbooks for Online Learning

Easy to Use Vocabulary Workbooks for Online Learning

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Fisher Hill has easy to use Vocabulary workbooks that are perfect for Online Learning.  There are six workbooks.  Each workbook is full of pictures and graphic organizers.  Graphic organizers are visual representations or frames used to organize information. They help students visualize, organize, and see the relationships between ideas. These skills help students to understand, remember and apply information.  https://fisher-hill.com/product-category/vocabulary/. Go to this link and then click on each workbook to view Sample Pages.

Vocabulary is key for reading comprehension.  Multiple encounters of a new word is required before a word is really known.  Repeated exposure to a word in a variety of contexts can add dimension to what is known about the word.  “The more opportunities students have to think about and use the words they are learning, the more elaborate their mental repesentations of the words will be.” (Bringing Words to Life by Isabel Beck.)

The Vocabulary workbooks are part of Fisher Hill’s Structured Literacy Program for Spanish speaking teens and adults.  The series is geared toward Spanish speakers, but students of all languages can greatly benefit from this program.  The series has six levels.   Each level has four workbooks:

Reading and Spelling

Reading Comprehension

Writing Composition


The first book to use at each level is the Reading and Spelling workbook. https://fisher-hill.com/product-category/reading-and-spelling/  Click on this link and then click on each workbook to view Sample Pages.  The program uses a very systematic, explicit approach to teaching the forty-four English speech sounds.  After completing the English Reading and Spelling Book 1, students are ready to practice reading by using the English Reading Comprehension Book 1 https://fisher-hill.com/product-category/comprehension/ or writing by using the English Writing Composition Book 1  https://fisher-hill.com/product-category/composition/.  The English Vocabulary Book 1 reviews the vocabulary presented at Level 1. After completing the six levels, students will have an excellent foundation in English literacy.

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On our website at www.Fisher-Hill.com under Teacher Resources on the top toolbar there are placement tests to determine on which level a student should begin. After clicking on Teacher Resources, then click on Reading and Spelling and scroll down until you reach the placement tests. https://fisher-hill.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Placement-Test-Level-1-2.png  There are also instructions on how to use the placement tests.  https://fisher-hill.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Placement-Tests-Directions.pdf.

Students including adults like our workbooks because the pace is reasonable, print is large, directions are in Spanish and English. Teachers like our books because everything is ready to go! Parents can help their children with these easy to use workbooks because the directions are available in Spanish and English.

If you have any questions about our English Vocabulary series or our Structured Literacy program, please email us at [email protected] or go online at www.Fisher-Hill.com to see Sample Pages from each workbook.