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Last spring I drove from southern California to the Grand Canyon.  It was approximately eight hours and on the way, I listened to audio books.  Before leaving for the trip I went to the library to check out several audio books.  You can’t beat the library’s price of $1.00 a book.  If you bought an audio book from a store it could cost as much as $30.  After that trip, I was hooked on audio books. Now instead of listening to the radio or a music CD, I listen to stories.  The readers of audio books can really bring the characters to life with their different accents and voices.  If you haven’t listened to an audio book, I recommend you go to the library and check one out. I always check out two at a time (unless I’m going on a long trip and then I’ll check out more)  in case one of them is not very good.  But so far there has only been one that I did not care for. 
Fisher Hill has one series English for the Spanish Speaker that has CDs to go along with the books.  English for the Spanish Speaker is a four book series and each book has a CD. Each book in the series has eight lessons.  In Books 1 and 2, the lessons are about every day activities.  In Books 3 and 4, four lessons are about every day activities and the other four are about United States history or government.  The CD for each book contains the vocabulary lists, conversations and stories from each lesson in the book.  A person could listen to these CDs on a long road trip or while stuck in traffic to practice their English.  This series has been very popular with adult education classes.
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