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Yay! School’s Out!

Yay! School’s Out!

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Yay School’s Out!!


Almost everyone loves when you can say Yay school’s out!! I’ve been teaching 26 years and I love when school’s out. I enjoy teaching but it’s always nice to get a long break.

Enjoy the summer with your children but don’t let them loose or forget the skills they have learned in school. Much of the day, in school, is spent on reading, writing and listening. Work on these skills during the summer.

Take your children to the library so they can check out plenty of books.

If you have young children, read books to them. Ask them how, when, what, who and where questions about the stories.

If your children are older, have them practice their writing skills. Ask them to write about different topics. For example, ask them to write about their dog. If they don’t have a dog, they can pretend they do. They can write about what the dog looks like, what it likes to eat, what it likes to do. Children can write about their favorite place or they can write about their pet elephant. There are all kinds of things that they can write about. If you run out of topics, go online and Google “list of writing topics for young writers.”

Take walks with your children and talk about different topics.

If you’re a parent with limited English skills, you can listen to your children read and then ask them to tell you about what they read. Read stories to your children in your native and then ask them how, when, what, who and where questions. Developing your children’s native language will help them with the English they learn in school.

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