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Writing Skills

Writing Skills

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 Writing Skills


 Being able to communicate well is important in the workplace. Supervisors in the workplace believe the writing skills of many people in the United States are far below acceptable standards. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is a set of national benchmarks for college and career readiness. The CCSS address the need for increased rigor in writing.

The Writing Standards of the CCSS outline three major text types for writing: opinion, informational and narrative. One of the fundamental skills of a good writer is the ability to develop a good sentence. Before students can write paragraphs and multi-paragraph compositions, they need to be able to produce a well-written sentence.

Students need to master writing a simple sentence and then expand that sentence into a more complex one. A simple sentence includes a subject and verb. An expanded sentence contains more information. An expanded sentence can contain when, why and how information.

Conjunctions such as because, but and so can be used as sentence starters or sentence completers to increase the complexity of a sentence. These types of conjunctions provided critical thinking and analytical information to the content of the sentence.

Fisher Hill has an excellent workbook series for Spanish-speaking teens and adults who want to improve their English writing skills. The series uses a structured and systematic approach to teach the different writing skills. The first book in English Writing Composition for the Spanish Speaker begins by teaching basic sentence structure, progresses to longer, more detailed sentences, and ends with students writing informative paragraphs. Book 6, the last book in the series, provides instruction and practice for writing compound and complex sentences. By the time students finish the six-book writing series, they will be able to compose informative, opinion and narrative writing compositions.

English Writing Composition for the Spanish Speaker Book 1English Writing Composition for the Spanish Speaker Book 6

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