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U.S. History and Government Workbooks in Spanish and English

U.S. History and Government Workbooks in Spanish and English

U.S. History and Government Workbooks in Spanish and English 150 150 hill-fisher

Fisher Hill has four easy to use workbooks to help Spanish speakers learn about U.S. history and government.   Each workbook includes stories, maps, and activities in Spanish and English. https://fisher-hill.com/product-category/us-history-and-geography/

Each state is presented by a story, then a vocabulary and comprehension page, next a map with questions, and finally a chart, table, graph, or another type of activity which presents information to the reader.  Most stories deal with a historic topic. The stories are about men and women from different racial groups who have helped build this nation. The words and questions on the vocabulary and comprehension pages are used in conjunction with the story.  The maps show some of the major cities, rivers, and products of the different states.  The charts, tables, and graphs present information for students to read and use.

These four workbooks provide an excellent overview of U.S. history and geography.  The books can be downloaded.  Where it says Option scroll down and choose ebook. https://fisher-hill.com/product/united-states-of-america-stories-maps-activities-in-spanish-and-english-book-1/ There are  sample pages from each workbook that can be viewed.  Click on the blue box that says Sample Pages. https://fisher-hill.com/product/united-states-of-america-stories-maps-activities-in-spanish-and-english-book-1/

View all of our easy to use workbooks for Spanish speakers at fisher-hill.com. https://fisher-hill.com