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Summer is a Good Time to Learn Spanish

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Fisher Hill has an excellent series for English speakers to learn Spanish. The series Spanish Made Fun and Easy consists of two workbooks. There are twelve lessons in each book.  Each lesson deals with a common theme, i.e., Breakfast, Telling Time, Shopping, Sports, etc. At the end of the book are two dictionaries:  Spanish-English and English-Spanish.

Each lesson is divided into eight parts.  First, there is a vocabulary list.  Beginning Spanish is included as well as the vocabulary of the particular theme.  The definite article is placed in front of each Spanish noun on the list, letting the student know whether it is feminine or masculine.  Then there is a conversation in order to use the vocabulary in a common situation.  Next is a story related to the theme which reinforces the vocabulary and the conversation. The fourth page of each lesson is an exercise that requires choosing a word from the vocabulary list and then writing it in a sentence that is missing that word.  The next three pages are a variety of activity pages.  At the end of each lesson are the answers to the exercises.

It is recommended that students do one lesson per week but students can go through the book more rapidly if they so desire.  The speed at which a student learns Spanish depends on each individual.  It would be useful to read the conversation and story out loud to gain smoothness. It’s also helpful to listen to Spanish television.

These are fun workbooks to begin learning Spanish or to brush up on your Spanish. Take the Spanish workbook to the beach or work on it in your backyard. Summer can be a good time to work on learning a new language.

Summer is a Good Time to Learn Spanish. Spanish made fun and easyIf you have any questions about our Spanish Made Fun and Easy series, please email us at [email protected] or go online at www.Fisher-Hill.com to see all of our workbooks.

Summertime… And The Living Is Easy

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English Reading ComprehensionI hope you’ll have some easy living this summer.  I plan to.  I’m a schoolteacher so I get two months off: plenty of time for some easy living.  What do I plan to do?  Every summer I travel.  This year my husband and I will visit my younger son and his wife in the Netherlands.  I can’t wait to see them and to ride bikes.  After two weeks, my husband will fly home and I will go to Hungary to meet a group and do more bike riding.  In the evenings, the trip write-up says we get to soak in large thermal pools.  Oh, yeah.  After that, I spend a week in Poland hiking in the Tatras Mountains.  I know.  I’m a lucky girl!

When I travel in the summer, I take an IPad full of books:  two nonfiction and two fiction, fiction for fun, and nonfiction to learn something.  One of the books I plan to take this year is A Fighting Chance by Elizabeth Warren.  I haven’t read the book yet, but I believe she will talk about the declining middle class and the one percent that continues to get richer and richer.

If you know someone who would like to improve their English skills this summer, please direct them to our website.  Our books are great for Spanish-speaking teens and adults who want to learn or improve their English.

We have four different workbook series that help Spanish-speaking teens and adults with English literacy.  Each series has six workbooks and each series can be used in conjunction with the other three series.  For example the Book Ones in each series can be used together.  The titles of these series are:

English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker

English Reading Comprehension for the Spanish Speaker

English Writing Composition for the Spanish Speaker

English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker

We also have a four book series called English for the Spanish Speaker.  This is a whole language approach to learning English.  There are four CDs or cassettes that go along with this series.

Our workbooks are excellent for individuals who want to learn on their own, for ELD classes, or for adult basic education classes.

What ever you do this summer, I hope you a safe and fun time.

Visit our website at www.Fisher-Hill.com to find out more about our workbooks that help Spanish-speaking teens and adults learn how to read, write and speak English.