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Sentence Structure

Sentence Structure

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Sentence Structure

Struggling writers often lack good sentence structure, sentence organization and variety. Having a word bank available with actions verbs, vivd adjectives, and effective transition words is helpful to add variety to sentences. Starting sentences with a prepositional phrase, including an appositive after the subject or ending a sentence with a dependent clause also adds variety and sophistication to sentences.

What are transition words? Transition words help your writing to flow more smoothly. Without these types of words, your writing can sound choppy. Examples of transition words are: therefore, however, finally, as a result, consequently. Look up transition words on the internet and you will find many. Using transition words will help your writing flow more smoothly.

What is a prepositional phrase? A prepositional phrase starts with a prepostion and ends with a noun. Examples of prepositional phrases are: in the morning, after work, during recess, at the park. The list is endless. If you start your sentence with a prepositional phrase, you need to put a comma after it. For example: At the park, we saw our friends playing basketball.

What are appositives? An appositve is a noun or noun phrase that renames the noun right beside it. For example, The puppy, a black cocker spaniel, chewed on a pair of brand new shoes he found in the closet. Appositives are separated from the rest of the sentence with commas.

What are dependent clauses? A dependent clause is a group of words with a subject and a verb. It does not express a complete thought so it cannot not be a sentence. Here is a sentence with an independent clause at the end: You can earn fifty dollars, if you can work on Saturday.

Adding these different phrases and words, can add variety, sophistication and organization to your sentences. Practicing with new sentence strutures leads to automaticity in your writing compositions.

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