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Red Product Initiative

Red Product Initiative

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For Christmas this year, I am getting a mini iPad. I will get a red (Red) case for it because a percentage of the profit is donated to the Global Fund.  The Global Fund supports programs that fight against AIDS, Tubercuosis and Malaria.  The musician Bono and Bobby Shriver started the Red Product initiative.

In our workbook English Reading Comprehension for the Spanish Speaker Book 5, there is a story about Bono.

Bono is the lead singer and writer for the band U2.  His songs often deal with social and political themes. He and his band are from Ireland.  Bono got his nickname from a hearing aid shop called “Bono Vox” which he and his friends often passed in Dublin. His friends said he sang so loud it was like he was singing to the deaf.  At first, Bono did not like the nickname; but when he found out it loosely translated to “good voice,” he began to like his new nickname.  Since the late seventies, even prior to the formation of U2, he has been known as Bono.

Bono is almost never seen in public without wearing sunglasses.  He says his eyes are very sensitive to light.  Without sunglasses, if someone takes his photograph, he will see the flash for the rest of the day.  His right eye can swell up if there is too much light.  His eyes also get red.  So he wears sunglasses to protect his eyes.

Bono’s real name is Paul David Hewson.  He was raised in Dublin, along with his brother, by his mom and dad.  Unfortunately, his mother died of a cerebral aneurysm when Bono was fourteen.  Some of his songs focus on the loss of his mother.

For over twenty years, Bono and U2 have been involved in humanitarian work.  Since 1999, Bono has become very active in bringing aid for third world debt relief and raising awareness of the plight of Africa including the AIDS pandemic.  Bono and Bobby Shriver have started an initiative called the Red Product.  Red Products raise money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (often called the Global Fund).  Red Product is a brand which is licensed to partner companies.  Some of these companies are Apple Computer, Converse, Motorola, The Gap, Girogio Armani, and American Express.  Each company creates a product with the Product Red logo; and a percentage of the profits from the sale of these labeled products will go to the Global Fund.  So the next time you’re at The Gap, buy a shirt, bracelet, necklace, pin, or candle with the Product Red logo, 50% of the proceeds will go to help prevent HIV/AIDS in Africa.  Or if you’re planning to purchase an ¡Pod nano, buy one with the Product Red theme so a percentage of the profit from its sale will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis, or malaria.

Bono is not only a famous singer and songwriter but also a humanitarian.  He has used his fame and fortune to help people around the world, especially in Africa.

This year you might want to get a RED Product for someone on your Christmas list. 

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