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 This weekend I went to a meditation weekend at the Depok Chopra Wellness Center. I have never meditated but after today I plan to meditate once or twice a day. I’m hoping by meditating I will reduce my stress and sleep better. I am hoping meditation will give me restful awareness, help me embrace uncertainty and help me be aware of meaningful coincidences. I was given my own personal mantra which are the sounds of the earth on the day I was born. I am suppose to say this mantra while I am meditating. This mantra will help clear my mind. When thoughts come into my mind, I am to say my mantra to clear these thoughts from my mind. The instructor said it is only natural for thoughts to enter your mind while you’re meditating.

According to the Depok Chopra Wellness center, it is the antidote to stress. During meditation, the body shifts into a state of restful awareness, which counterbalances the fight/flight response. Any threat to a person’s safety, happiness, or self-esteem provokes a cascade of physical and emotional reactions. This stress response, often known as “flight/flight” rises from a primitive part of the brain and is designed to ensure survival. Chronic stress can cause: coronary heart disease, anxiety, insomnia, addictions, digestive disturbances, heart attacks, strokes, infections and cancer.   During meditation a person experiences: decreased heart rate, normalization of blood pressure, quiet breathing, reduced stress hormones, reduced sweating and strengthened immunity. Regular meditation has physical and psychological benefits.

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I look forward to my journey into meditation. I figure you’re never to old to try or learn something new. Fisher Hill has excellent workbooks for Spanish-speaking teens and adults who want to learn English. Visit our website at www.Fisher-Hill.com to check out all of our workbooks.