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English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary

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English Vocabulary


This is the fourth in a series of blogs about Fisher Hill’s English literacy program.  In this blog, I will talk about the English Vocabulary series.  The series has six workbooks. Fisher Hill’s literacy program has six levels.  Each level has four books.  The books are workbooks.  Each level has:

a Reading and Spelling workbook

a Reading Comprehension workbook

a Writing Composition workbook

and a Vocabulary workbook

Each level begins with the English Reading and Spelling workbook. After completing the English Reading and Spelling workbook, students can begin the English Vocabulary workbook at that level.  The purpose of the English Vocabulary workbooks is to help Spanish speakers improve their English vocabulary.  The English Vocabulary workbooks reinforce the vocabulary learned at each level in the program.  English Vocabulary Book 1 reinforces the vocabulary taught in Level 1.  English Vocabulary Book 2 reinforces the vocabulary taught in Level 2 of the program.  There are six English Vocabulary workbooks, one for each level.

The workbooks are bilingual.  The directions are in Spanish.  The English translation of the Spanish directions is located at the back of the book.  There is also an Answer Key at the back.

Spanish speakers increasing their English vocabulary will improve their English reading and listening comprehension and also strengthen their English writing and speaking skills.   Good vocabulary skills help people visualize.  Visualization helps people remember what is read or heard.

On our website, there are placement tests to determine which level a student should begin.  A student needs a score of 80% to go to the next level.  For example, if a student gets 60% on the placement test for level one, then that student needs to begin with level one with English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker Book 1. Each level begins with the Reading and Spelling workbook.

These placement tests can be found under Teacher Resources on our website www.Fisher-Hill.com .  Teacher Resources can be found on the top tool bar.  Click on Teacher Resources, then click on Reading and Spelling.  Then scroll down to the placement tests. The placement tests are called Sound Spelling Placement Test Book 1 and so forth.  Sound Spelling Placement Test Book 1 is for level one.

There are other teacher resources for these workbooks on our website.  There is a Scope and Sequences to help you use the program.  There are Word and Sentence Practice pages and Word Chains to help with fluency.

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