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English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker

English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker

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Our new series English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker helps Spanish-speaking teens and adults increase their English vocabulary. Vocabulary improves listening and reading comprehension and writing composition. This new series is great to use with our other series for Spanish speakers: English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker, English Reading Comprehension for the Spanish Speaker and English Writing Composition for the Spanish Speaker because it reinforces the vocabulary presented in these three literacy series. Vocabulary is learned through the many uses of new words. Multiple encounters of a new word is required before a word is really known. Repeated exposure to a word in a variety of contexts can add dimension to what is known about the word. “The more opportunities students have to think about and use the words they are learning, the more elaborate their mental representations of the words will be.” (Bringing Words to Life by Isabel Beck.) Vocabulary knowledge is also related to writing proficiency. Word choice is one of the features included on rubrics used to evaluate student writing. In the book Bringing Words to Life, Beck talks about vocabulary comprising of three tiers. The first tier consists of words most often used in daily conversations. The second tier contains words that are found in written text and are used across a variety of domains. Examples of tier two words would be precede, retrospect, and contradict. Tier three words are the content words for science and social studies. In our series English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker, we expose the learner to all three tiers. Spanish speakers need practice learning tier one words for daily conversations. Tier two words are necessary for reading comprehension and writing composition. Tier three words are included in the science and social study activity pages that are included in the workbooks. Through May 31, 2014, we have a special offer for books from our new series, Buy 2, Get 1 Free. Visit our website at fisher-hill.com to get more information about this special offer.