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English Verb Practice for Spanish Speakers

English Verb Practice for Spanish Speakers

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English Verb Practice for Spanish Speakers


Last week a teacher asked if our literacy series covered different verb tenses. The answer is Yes.  Our literacy series covers the present, past, future and progressive/contiuous verb forms.

Our literacy series has six levels.  Each level has four workbooks:

a Reading and Spelling workbook

a Reading Comprehension workbook

a Writing Composition workbook

and a Vocabulary workbook

Most all the workbooks include practice with verbs.

On our website, there are placement tests to determine on which level a student should begin the program.  These placement tests can be found under Teacher Resources.  Teacher Resources can be found on the top tool bar.  Click on Teacher Resources, then click on Reading and Spelling.  Then scroll down to the placement tests. A student needs to have a score of 80 percent on the placement test to go to the next level.  Once the level is determined then the first book to use would be the Reading and Spelling workbook for that level.  The Reading and Spelling workbooks introduce students to the sounds they need to read and spell for that level. The workbooks use a very systematic, explicit approach to teaching the forty-four speech sounds used in the English language.

After completing Levels 1 through 3, students have learned and practiced most of the forty-four English speech sounds.  Levels 4 through 6 work on words with prefixes and suffixes.

With the English Reading Comprehension for the Spanish Speaker workbooks, students work on reading comprehension at each level. With the English Writing Composition for the Spanish Speaker workbooks, students practice their writing composition at each level.  English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker workbooks review the vocabulary presented in each level.  After completing all six levels, students have acquired an excellent foundation in English literacy.

Adults like our workbooks because the pace is reasonable, print is large, directions are in Spanish, there’s lots of pictures but the content is for adults.  Teachers like our books because everything is ready to go!  There’s an answer key at the the end of each lesson and an English translation of the Spanish directions at the end of each book.

English Verb Practice for Spanish Speakers: Literacy Program 1

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