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English Structured Literacy Program for Spanish Speakers

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

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Fisher Hill has an English Structured Literacy Program for Spanish speaking teens and adults. The program has six levels with four workbooks at each level:  Reading and Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Writing Composition and Vocabulary.

Each level begins with the Reading and Spelling workbook. The six Reading and Spelling workbooks use Orton Gillingham methods to teach reading and spelling.  Orton Gillingham uses a very systematic, structured, explicit, and multisensory approach to teach the forty-four English speech sounds to read and spell. The workbooks provide practice with phonemic awareness, which is the ability to identify individual sounds and their order within words.  Learning the different speech sounds will help students read and spell in English fluently.  Eighty-five percent (85%) of words in English are phonetic.  The workbooks also present many of the commonly used words, called sight words, that are not phonetic.

The workbooks are bilingual because the word list for each lesson is presented in English and Spanish.  There are pictures to go with many of the words in the lists.  Each lesson emphasizes one or two new speech sounds.  The vowel sounds in English are different than those in Spanish, but many of the English consonant sounds are similar to those in Spanish. Most consonants in English have one sound. Vowels can make several speech sounds.  Sometimes the letter “y” is used as a vowel.

Each lesson’s word list begins with words that contain the speech sound that is being emphasized in that lesson.  The last two words in the list are sight words. Practicing English speech sounds, sight words, and their spellings will help Spanish speakers learn English reading and spelling. In English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker Books 4, 5, and 6, prefixes and suffixes are introduced and practiced.

To view sample pages from each workbook, click on the blue box that says Sample Pages.  https://fisher-hill.com/product/english-reading-and-spelling-for-the-spanish-speaker-book-1/

These workbooks can be downloaded so people from around the world can use our books and not have to bother with expensive shipping costs.  On our website, click on the picture of the workbook, see the word option, scroll down and choose ebook. https://fisher-hill.com/product/english-reading-and-spelling-for-the-spanish-speaker-book-1/

Our website is also in Spanish. Just click on the word Spanish in the upper right hand corner and you will transfer to the Spanish site. https://fisher-hill.com

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Visit us at www.Fisher-Hill.com to learn more about our easy-to-use workbooks to help Spanish speakers learn to read and write in English.

English Structured Literacy Bundles for Spanish Speakers

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Fisher Hill has an English Structured Literacy program for Spanish-speaking teens and adults who want to learn how to read and write in English.  The program has six levels.   Each level has four workbooks:

Reading and Spelling

Reading Comprehension

Writing Composition


 The first book to use at each level is the Reading and Spelling workbook.  The Reading and Spelling workbooks use  a very systematic, explicit approach to teach the forty-four speech sounds used in the English language.  After completing the Reading and Spelling workbook, students are ready to practice reading by using the Reading Comprehesnion workbook.  They can also practicing writing by using the Writing Composition workbook.  The Vocabulary workbook reviews the vocabulary at each level. After completing the firs level, students need to take the placement test for level one to determine if they are ready for level 2. https://fisher-hill.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Placement-Test-Level-1-2.png  After completing the six levels, students will have an excellent foundation in English literacy. On our website at www.Fisher-Hill.com under Teacher Resources are the placement tests to determine on which level a student should begin. After clicking on Teacher Resources, then click on Reading and Spelling and scroll down until you reach the placement tests.  There are also instructions on how to use the placement tests. https://fisher-hill.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Placement-Tests-Directions.pdf

Each level can be bought as a bundle.  Instead of paying $16.95 for each workbook or $15.95 for the Vocabulary workbook, each bundle of four workbooks is $60. https://fisher-hill.com/structured-literacy-program/ Click on any of the workbooks to view Sample Pages. Then click on the blue box that says Sample Pages.

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Teens and adults like the workbooks because the pace is reasonable, print is large, directions are in Spanish, there are lots of pictures but the content is for older students.  Teachers like our books because everything is ready to go!  There’s an answer key at the the end of each lesson and an English translation of the Spanish directions at the end of each workbook.

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Visit our website at www.Fisher-Hill.com to view all of our workbooks.