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A Novel about Alternative Education

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Alternative education is not the traditional in class program.  When I was in college I received credit for several experiences I had outside the classroom.  Adventures I developed myself then had  favorite professors sponsor them.  For students who are tired of sitting in a classroom, this is a great alternative for them.  I see no reason why high school and college students can’t do this.  My son who is thirty-one makes close to $300,000.  He dropped out of high school because he didn’t like it.  At the time (and still is)  he was really into computers.  He taught himself several languages and took several classes at a private tech school.  He should have been able to get high school credit for all the learning he did on his on and at the tech school.  At the time, I didn’t think of that.  I just thought.  Oh, my gosh, I’m a teacher and my son has dropped out of school!

Stepping into Fountains is about my adventures in the 70’s with two of the adventures receiving college credit.  Stepping into Fountains is an ebook that can only be bought on Amazon Kindle.  If you’ve never read a book on Kindle, you need a Kindle or you can download the Kindle app to you iPad.  Then  go to Amazon.com and in the search window type in Stepping Into Fountains.

Stepping Into Fountains is the author’s odyssey to South America, Appalachia, Berkeley and beyond to learn about life outside of sheltered, small-town America in the 1970s. It recounts in colorful detail the unforgettable experience working with impoverished children from Colombia’s slums; the summer she worked in a children’s home in Appalachia; the fall season when she and a friend  drove a ‘53 Chevy from Kansas to California, picking up every hitchhiker along the way; selling cookies on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley; traveling north from Panama City to the United States border by local bus; three months traveling alone throughout Mexico. She wasn’t in Kansas anymore. This is her story, her odyssey, beginning in the summer of 1972 to the fall of 1976.