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Busy Parents

Busy Parents

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Busy Parents


Fisher Hill workbooks are great for busy parents that are Spanish-speaking who want to learn English. The pace is reasonable, print is large, directions are in Spanish, there are lots of pictures but the content is for adults. Plus there is an Answer Key at the end of each lesson.

Parenting is a difficult job. Some children are more demanding than others. My younger son was constantly surprising me with his behavior. Taking out the trash was one of his jobs. Once when he was around five, I asked him to take out an empty soap box. “Peter, hold the box right side up so no left over soap falls out.” So, what’s the first thing he does when he steps out the door to the patio? He pours out the remaining soap. (I was secretly watching him from a window.) Sometimes the trash did not even get to the trashcans. Once our neighbor called and said there were empty milk cartons in her backyard. Peter had tossed them over the wall. When I asked him Why?, he said he was afraid to go out to the trashcans.

School was hard for both boys because they had difficulty with reading. For years, I had to sit down with them and help them with their homework. “OK, Steven, you read a paragraph then I’ll read a paragraph.”

 Raising kids takes a lot of time and energy. My advice is: pace yourself because it’s a long haul.

 I have written all the workbooks in the literacy series with my two boys in mind and all the other students I’ve worked with who have found learning to read to be difficult.  

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