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Reading Comprehension 150 150 fisherhilladmin

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension is the ability to extract meaning from written words.  Fluency and vocabulary play an important role in reading comprehension. Developing comprehension skills can help with acquiring meaning from written words.  Summarizing, inferencing, sequencing, comparing and contrasting, drawing conclusions, distinguishing between fact and opinion, relating background knowledge, and identifying the main idea, supporting details, and important facts…

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Reading Fluency 150 150 fisherhilladmin

Reading Fluency

Reading Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately, quickly and with expression.  Fluent readers can think about what they are reading.  Fluent readers recognize words automatically. They do not need to concentrate on decoding words, instead they can concentrate on what the text means.  Most fluent readers recognize words and comprehend at the same time.…

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Spelling Rules 150 150 fisherhilladmin

Spelling Rules

Did you know there are 44 English speech sounds.  These sounds are used for reading and spelling.  Eighty percent of the words in English follow these speech sound spellings.  The word cat is made up of three speech sounds.  The word eight is made up of two speech sounds.  If you know how to spell…

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English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker 150 150 fisherhilladmin

English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker

Our new series English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker helps Spanish-speaking teens and adults increase their English vocabulary. Vocabulary improves listening and reading comprehension and writing composition. This new series is great to use with our other series for Spanish speakers: English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker, English Reading Comprehension for the Spanish…

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Happy New Year! 150 150 fisherhilladmin

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Have you made any New Year’s resolutions yet.  Mine is to eat less sugar.  That won’t be easy because I’ve heard surgar is more addicting than tobacco and alcohol.  I believe it!  I gave up meat (not fish) two years ago and that was not difficult to do.  But giving up sugar,…

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Rhodesian Ridgebacks 150 150 fisherhilladmin

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

We have a 92 pound Rhodesian ridgeback named Kinte.  Rhodesian ridgebacks are strong muscular dogs.  They originated in Rhodesia, Africa to hunt lions.  Rhodisia is now Zimbawe.  Kinte has received a lot of dog training. He started dog training class when he was a puppy and I have continued to train him.  Kinte is a…

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Happy Holidays! 150 150 fisherhilladmin

Happy Holidays!

I hope you’re all enjoying a happy holiday season.  In our family we celebrate Christmas.  This year my husband and I bought two trees not taller than five feet.  My husband said he did not want to carry and lift a heavy tree.  We put the two five foot trees on tables and now they…

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Remembering Nelson Mandela 150 150 fisherhilladmin

Remembering Nelson Mandela

I was sorry to hear about the passing of Nelson Mandela this week but I am glad to see so many countries honoring this great man.   Three years ago, I had the opportunity to visit South Africa.  It’s a beautiful country; and Nelson Mandela brought the people of South Africa together to fight poverty and…

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Red Product Initiative 150 150 fisherhilladmin

Red Product Initiative

For Christmas this year, I am getting a mini iPad. I will get a red (Red) case for it because a percentage of the profit is donated to the Global Fund.  The Global Fund supports programs that fight against AIDS, Tubercuosis and Malaria.  The musician Bono and Bobby Shriver started the Red Product initiative. In our workbook English Reading Comprehension…

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Thanksgiving 150 150 fisherhilladmin


Thanksgiving is a national holiday we celebrate in the United States.  If you’re an immigrant to this country, do you celebrate Thanksgiving?  Do you enjoy the turkey, mash potatoes, dressing, cranberries and pumpkin pie?  My son who recently moved to the Netherlands, will he be eating Thanksgiving dinner on the last Thursday in the month…

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Children with Reading Difficulties Part 2 150 150 fisherhilladmin

Children with Reading Difficulties Part 2

In Part 1, I talked about my older son who had a reading difficulty.  Now, I will talk about my younger son.  He too had difficulty learning to read.  Like my older son, Peter also went to Mommy and Me classes starting at the age of six months.  At four, I enrolled Peter in a…

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Children with Reading Difficulties 150 150 fisherhilladmin

Children with Reading Difficulties

Does your child have a reading difficulty?  Both of my boys had difficulty learning to read.  I was surprised when this happened.  I had read to them since they were babies.  We visited the public library and checked out books.  They went to toddler story hour every Thursday morning.  Yet, they had difficulty learning to…

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Halloween 150 150 fisherhilladmin


Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people.  It is celebrated around the world.  In the United States, it is celebrated with pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, costumes, candy, parties, and decorations.  In my neighborhood, we have over seven hundred trick-or-treaters. That’s a lot of candy! My neighbor said she spent over $300 on candy.  I’m sorry to…

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Audio Books 150 150 fisherhilladmin

Audio Books

Last spring I drove from southern California to the Grand Canyon.  It was approximately eight hours and on the way, I listened to audio books.  Before leaving for the trip I went to the library to check out several audio books.  You can’t beat the library’s price of $1.00 a book.  If you bought an…

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Fisher Hill Workbooks Part Two 150 150 fisherhilladmin

Fisher Hill Workbooks Part Two

This week’s blog is about the four workbook series offered by Fisher Hill that can be used together by Spanish-speaking teens and adults to learn how to read, spell, and write in English.   The four series are English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker, English Reading Comprehension for the Spanish Speaker, English Writing Composition…

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