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Bilingual Workbooks

Bilingual Workbooks

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Bilingual Workbooks


Bilingual Workbooks: Fisher Hill’s English literacy workbooks for Spanish-speaking teens and adults are great bilingual workbooks to get started with. In each workbook, the directions are in Spanish and the activities are in English. At the back of each workbook, is an English translation of the Spanish directions. The print is large and the pacing is reasonable. There are lots of pictures but the content of our Bilingual Workbooks is for older students and adults. At the end of each lesson, is an Answer Key. The first book to use in the English literacy program is English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker. After that, you can continue with this series or you can use the first workbook from the other series in the literacy program. The other series are English Reading Comprehension for the Spanish Speaker, English Writing Composition for the Spanish Speaker and English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker.

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