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Basic Health Workbook for Spanish Speakers

Basic Health Workbook for Spanish Speakers

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Fisher Hill has a basic health workbook in Spanish and English for teens and adults.  Health Stories & Activities in Spanish and English https://fisher-hill.com/product/health-stories-and-activities-in-spanish-and-english/  was written to teach students about health and to help them improve their English language skills:

  • information for each topic is presented in the form of a story
  • each story is written in Spanish and English
  • basic vocabulary is emphasized
  • the large print makes it “user friendly”
  • the stories are written on a 4th grade reading level.

This is a language development book because after each story there is:

  • a vocabulary page with activities to increase the student’s English vocabulary
  • a grammar page to help students improve their English writing and speaking skills
  • a question and answer page to check the student’s comprehension.

Each Health story provides material for group discussions. The stories are designed to promote healthy lifestyles and good health.

This book can be used by a class with the help of a teacher, by students in a cooperative learning group, or by an individual.  There is an Answer Key at the end of the workbook.

Visit us on line at www.Fisher-Hill.com to learn more about Health Stories and Activities in Spanish and English and to view a sample lesson for the workbook. https://fisher-hill.com/product/health-stories-and-activities-in-spanish-and-english/ Just click on the blue rectangular box that says Sample Pages.