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August is Vacation Time

August is Vacation Time

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August is Vacation Time!


August is Vacation Time: August is a vacation month for many people. There are all types of vacations. Many people enjoy going to theme parks while others enjoy road trips. I enjoy going to a beautiful place in nature and just staying there. My family and I recently rented a house in Croatia and stayed there for a week. It was really called a villa and it was right on the Adriatic Sea on the island of Korcula near the town of Vela Luka. It was in the small village of Tri Luke where there was not even an ice cream store to walk to after dinner. We were fifteen minutes from the grocery store. It was hot and the cicadas chirped loudly from early morning until the sun went down. I like to walk so I had to do my walking early in the morning and then in the evening. Otherwise, it was water sports. Kayaking was enjoyable and so was snorkeling, even though the water was cold. We enjoyed the many cool porches and balconies at the house.

When I travel, I have several books on my iPad that I enjoy. I will have several fiction and also several nonfiction books. The internet was slow at the house so if you wanted to do any type of research it was difficult.

Vacations can be a time when you have the time to practice or improve on something. If you know a Spanish-speaking teen or adult who wants to learn or improve his or her English, Fisher Hill has many easy to use workbooks to do just that.

Fisher Hill has an excellent English literacy program for Spanish-speaking teens and adults who want to learn how to read and write in English. How does our literacy program work? We have four different series in our literacy program. Each series has six volumes. Each volume is a workbook. These four series can be used in conjunction with each other. The very first book to use would be English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker Book 1. This series introduces students to reading in English. The series uses a very systematic, explicit approach to teaching the forty-four speech sounds used in the English language. After completing English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker Book 1, students are ready to practice their beginning reading skills by using English Reading Comprehension for the Spanish Speaker Book 1. They can also begin practicing writing by using English Writing Composition for the Spanish Speaker Book 1. English Vocabulary for the Spanish Speaker Book 1 reviews the vocabulary presented in English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker Book 1. After completing the Book Ones in the series, students can begin the Book Twos. The four series, each with six workbooks, were written to be used together. By using the four series together, students get a good foundation in English literacy.

Adults like our workbooks because the pace is reasonable, print is large, directions are in Spanish, there’s lots of pictures but the content is for adults. Teachers like our books because everything is ready to go! There’s an answer key at the the end of each lesson and an English translation of the Spanish directions at the end of each book.

English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker and other Fisher-Hill booksVisit our website at www.Fisher-Hill.com to learn more about our English literacy program for Spanish-speaking teens and adults.