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70-Year-Old Diet and Lifestyle

70-Year-Old Diet and Lifestyle

70-Year-Old Diet and Lifestyle 150 150 hill-fisher

Recently I turned 70 and realized I’d gained weight over the past few years. I have always been active and had never had a problem with weight.  But now I was getting heavy.  So, I went on the 70-year-old diet.  What’s the 70-year-old diet?  It’s not allowing yourself to stuff your face with whatever food you want. No more hot fudge sundaes with marshmallow sauce, no more eating cashews when you’re hungry.  No more eating meals until you’re so full you wish you hadn’t eaten so much.  After three months on the 70-year-old diet, I’m down to the weight I want.   I now eat small meals and between meals when I’m hungry I drink hot water.

What is the 70-year-old lifestyle? The 70-year-old lifestyle is remembering to enjoy life.  At times I get so overwhelmed with what I’m doing, that I must remember to simplify my life.  I have a small business that I’ve had for the past 30 years.  Does it make much money?  No, but I enjoy working on it. It’s a publishing company. I love writing the books, but the marketing is difficult.  What have I done to advertise? I’ve sent out flyers, shown my books at conferences, done cold callings.  Now I am trying to improve my webpage.

Improving my webpage is becoming overwhelming. I recently attended a Score workshop about What Every Business Owner Should Know About SEO.  At the end of the program, the presenter said you could send him your website address and he would let you know what he thought of it.  So, I did and this is the feedback I got.

The website has not been optimized.

The profiles are incomplete or inconsistent.

Google scores for the Desktop and Mobile sites produced results well below the recommended score of 90/100.

The website speed was also much below the recommended score of 90/100.

The score presenter recommended engaging his team to address these issues.

I recommend Score.  The Score mentors I have met have been very knowledgeable. So now I will improve my webpage and at the same time remember not to get overwhelmed with it.  Just writing this all down has helped.

My website is www.fisher-hill.com.  I hope the site won’t be too slow for you. The workbooks I publish are for Spanish speaking teens and adult to learn English.  For many people, learning a new language can be difficult and as you know from a previous blog, my own two boys did not have the school gene.  So, I have made my workbooks easy to use, ones when opened, the student will say I can do this.

The four English for the Spanish Speaker workbooks https://www.fisher-hill.com/english-series-to-english-for-the-spanish-speaker/ have eight lessons each. The lessons in workbooks 1 and 2 are about everyday themes. Workbooks 3 and 4 have lessons about everyday themes and also lessons about U.S. history and government.

Sample lessons from each workbook can be viewed on our webpage at https://www.fisher-hill.com.  Click on a book then click on the blue box that says Sample Pages.

Students like our workbooks because the pace is reasonable, print is large, directions are in Spanish, and the content is for older students. Teachers like our books because everything is ready to go!

These workbooks can also be downloaded as Ebooks.

Each workbook is $15.95 and each Eworkbook is $15.00.

English Literacy Workbooks for Spanish-Speaking Teens and Adults | ESL WorkbooksOur Structured Literacy Program for Spanish Speakers helps Spanish speakers learn to read and write in English. The program has six levels. Each level begins with the English Reading and Spelling workbook. The Reading Comprehension and Writing Composition workbooks use the same words and vocabulary that the English Reading and Spelling workbook introduces.  The Vocabulary workbook reviews the vocabulary from that level.
On our website, sample pages can be viewed from each workbook.  Click on a book and then click on Sample Pages.

On our website on the top tool bar under Teacher Resources, there are free materials that go with the Structured Literacy Program.  Free Placement Tests for the Structured Literacy Program are available on Fisher Hill’s website under Teacher Resources. https://fisher-hill.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Placement-Tests-Directions.pdf

Free Word and Sentence Practice pages and Word Chains for English Reading and Spelling Book 1 are available on Fisher Hill’s web page. Download a copy of a Free Word and Sentence Practice Page with the “short A sound“.

These workbooks are also available as ebooks and can be downloaded from Fisher Hill’s website.

Each workbook is $16.95 or $15.95.  Ebooks are $15.00. If you buy a complete level of four workbooks the total is $60/$50 for ebooks.  To buy the complete program of 24 books the price is $350/$300 for ebooks.

To view all our workbooks, visit us at www.fisher-hill.com.